Welcome to Rough Diamond - the home of great Asian dining experiences.

In our Thai, Buddha Stix, Spirit House restaurants and bars, and our brand new Asian Garden Cooking School in Christchurch.

At all our restaurants and bars we strive for consistency of food, service and atmosphere - that is what drives us. On the way, we hope to offer kiwis a true taste of the best of Asian food at affordable prices, to be enjoyed in a modern setting where everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Part of this philosophy ensures that with consistency comes quality, and we start with our staff. All Rough Diamond team members are well trained so they can be happy in their jobs, understand company policy and have clear direction. Our staff work as a team to offer customers the consistency of Asian food and service they deserve.

It's about eating healthy too!

Our chefs use less fat, small amounts of meat, a variety of vegetables and the freshest of ingredients. Thai cuisine provides the right nutrients to help with digestion. It has been noted by doctors that eating Thai food will provide the body with appropriate nutrients, energy, minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre for preventing coronary heart disease, dyslipidaemia, strokes, obesity, diabetes and some cancers. Great! Thai cuisine, and Asian food  is healthy AND it tastes fantastic! What more could you want?



Great quality food, drink and experiences are what we're all about. We love Asian food, in all it's variety - why go a day without those wonderful tastes.

Keep it fresh

To get the most flavour and nutritional benefit from any food, the ingredients need to be as fresh as possible. Ingredients are sourced daily for our restaurants and we're currently establishing our own Thai gardens so we can be in complete control of the quality of our food.

Keep it local

Fresh and local go hand in hand. Sourcing ingredients from nearby keeps our food miles down and ensures that there's less time spent travelling between harvest and when the meal arrives on your plate.

Keep it great

You can walk into any of our restaurants around the country and order your favourite dish knowing it's going to be something you love. We expect a consistently high quality of service from all our staff nationwide.

Keep it healthy

Asian food, and Thai in particular, is very a healthy way to eat if it's done properly. We will never use MSG or saturated fats in our food preparation. Our vegetables will always be fresh and our meat lean the way Thai food is meant to be.

Keep it delicious

If it didn't taste good, then we wouldn't be here today and expanding into new areas. Our cooking style is founded on strong and complimentary flavours, all we have to do is preserve that great culinary tradition in New Zealand and let the food speak for itself!



The first restaurant, Thai Kar Tom Cafe, was established in Dunedin in 1998 by company owner/director Murray Macarthy.

With a taste for good Thai food, Murray's vision was to introduce thai cuisine of a consistently high standard to all New Zealanders.

Since 1998, Murray has opened a number of asian-inspired restaurants and bars throughout the South Island and recently moved into Wellington.
Murray’s passion for quality is such, that the chefs are specially employed direct from Thailand. This enables him to create quality Asian cuisine and maintain excellent standards throughout his restaurants.